General information on microscopic and digital dentistry:

Dentistry has made significant advances in recent years.
Above all, the areas of minimally invasive and microscopic as well as digital dentistry with numerous new developments and innovations stand out.
The routine application of the methods mentioned presupposes that the dentist and his team specialize completely.
Furthermore, the implementation of new equipment and technologies such as surgical microscopes, surgical magnifiers, digital scanners, 3D grinding machines, ceramic ovens and much more is necessary.
However, the “time” factor should not be forgotten. In order for the treatment to deliver the desired result under the conditions described, the practitioner and his team, together with the patient, have to invest many times more time in the treatment than in conventional dentistry.

Advantages of combining minimally invasive and microscopic with digital dentistry:

1. Significantly higher precision in all working chains
2. Significant reduction of treatment complications
3. More natural and aesthetic treatment results through significant protection of all tissues
4. Longer lasting treatment results compared to conventional dentistry

Treatment process of the clinic:

In accordance with the clinic’s VIP concept, all dental treatments are carried out under microscope without exception and completely documented using the most advanced photo- and videography technology.

World-leading digital technology from Siemens and surgical microscopes from Zeiss are only used to treat one patient per day. This standard applies to every patient admitted for treatment at the clinic.

The consultation session before the start of each treatment lasts between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the case.