Dr. Behnam Shakibaie

Dr. Behnam Shakibaie was born in Ahwaz in south of Iran in 1972. In 1986 he moved to Germany to continue his education. After having completed the high school in Berlin in 1991, he started dentistry study at Berlin Charite University in 1992, which he finished in 1998.

He gained passion for Oral Surgery during his doctorate thesis about Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) at Oral Surgery Department of Berlin Charite University from 1997-2001 led by Professor P. A. Reichart.

Shakibaie continued his professional education with specialization in Oral Surgery at Berlin and Bonn University from 1999-2003, postgraduate Mastership in Implantology at DGI in Germany from 2005-2007, postgraduate Mastership in Periodontology from 2006-2008 at DGP in Germany and specialization in Oral Microsurgery and Microdentistry from 2007-2009 at Zeiss Dental Academy in Switzerland.

According to his devotion to reducing surgical trauma and increasing treatment safety for patients, he has been focusing on development and publishing of new microsurgical techniques and instruments for Oral Implantology and jaw bone reconstructions since 2005.

Taking his published innovations and international educative activities from last decade into account, Shakibaie can be called one of the pioneers of the new discipline “Implant Microsurgery and Microscopic Dentistry” in the world.

He is currently Head of “Implant Division” of the world greatest Microdentistry Community MICROVISION with almost 60.000 dentists as members from 135 countries as well as International Instructor of Carl Zeiss Dental Academy.

The first publication of his worldwide most popular microsurgical technique, Microscope-Guided External Sinuslift (MGES) brought him “The Best German Periodontist Award” from German Association of Periodontology (DGP) in 2007.

For his ongoing innovations and research he received further internationally renowned Prizes such as “First German Periodontology Research Award 2010”, “International Professor Yalda Prize for Medical Science 2011”, “Excellence Award of Zeiss International Academy 2012”, “Best Presentation Award 2014” of US Congress of Microdentistry.

Dr. Shakibaie’s specialized clinic in Tehran, IRAN considered to be one of the world leading centers in the field of “Microscopic and Digital Dentistry”.