Best Practitioner Award 2007

German Society of Periodontology (DGP)

Reason: Development and first description of the surgical technique “Microscope-guided external sinus floor elevation” (MGES)

Heinz-Erpenstein-Award 2010

German Society of Periodontology (DGP)

Reason: For outstanding clinical research and publication in implantology and periodontology in 2009

Innovation-Award 2011

International Prof. Yalda Academic Foundation in Medical Science

Reason: For excellent research and new developments in medical science

Excellence Award 2012

Carl Zeiss International Academy of Microdentistry

Reason: Excellent teaching and research in the field of “Microscopic Implant Surgery

US Microdentistry Congress Best Presentation Award 2014

American Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Reason: Development of new microsurgical procedures in sinus lifting

Brand Reputation Award 2015

European Business Competence Licence

Reason: Development of new dental instruments in Germany-European Union as first Asian Dentist ever

Iranian Success Award 2016

 2nd Iranian National Success Festival

Reason: Continuing international publication of new protocols and standards in implantology

National Quality Role Model 2016

 6th Iranian Quality Activists Festival

Reason: International development and definition of new quality standards in implant dentistry