General information about Implant Microsurgery

Dentistry science has achieved significant progress in recent years. Especially the fields of implantology (dental implant) and periodontology (periodontal surgery) have brought a lot of developments and innovations to the dentistry community. Some of these innovations emerged in the field of microscopic and minimally invasive surgeries accompanied by modern technology of optical magnification and use of microsurgical instruments.

As consequences of mentioned innovations, it can be mentioned that the surgeon will be able to operate implants and all related surgeries in the patient’s mouth with several times higher precision enhancing most advanced surgical microscopes, “micro” tools, world leading materials and devices for jaw bone and gum reconstruction.

 Following Significant improvements in implant treatment can be obtained by IMPLANT MICROSURGERY:

  1. Smaller and more delicate cuts
  2. More accurate reconstruction of bone around the implant
  3. Precise use of patient’s jaw bone for implant placement
  4. Implementing very delicate stitches to better and faster gum heal
  5. Implants Beauty and longevity
  6. Reducing the length of treatment, pain, bleeding, hematoma and risk of infection.

Surgical techniques offered at Dr. Shakibaie`s clinic

  1. Vertical tooth extraction with minimal damage and immediate augmentation of dental socket in order to prevent tissue resorption (Shakibaie`s pubished technique)
  2. Microscopic and minimally invasive periodontal surgery
  3. Microscopic and minimally invasive periodontal reconstructions
  4. Three-dimensional implant treatment planning
  5. Microscopic and minimally invasive implant surgery using world leading brands
  6. Micro bone grafting techniques using patient’s own and world leading animal-source materials
  7. Microscopic open and closed sinus lifting techniques to reconstruct bone height in posterior upper jaw (Shakibaie`s published techniques)